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Fashion Outerwear Lifestyle 

Nowy Brands represents and embodies the craft, knowledge and expertise of the outerwear industry.  We are a global leader in all parts of the industry offering design, private label, sourcing, distribution and knowledge to fashion houses throughout North America, Great Britain, Europe and Asia.


Nowy Brands is influential, innovative and progressive.  It’s reinventing a wholly modern approach to  fashion and how outerwear can be absorbed into contemporary fashion spaces.

Nowy Brands collections are available for sale in luxury department stores and boutiques worldwide.

Product And Development

We are a leading-edge outerwear development and consumer goods distribution firm dedicated to developing, producing, and marketing unique fashion products and programs with our partners. We bring forward new and exciting styles; design collaborations; dedicated large factory matrixes; and competitive sourcing through buying power aggregation.

Everything we do is inspired by innovation and grounded in value.


Our Values

Retailers have trusted Nowy Brands for new and exciting merchandise, creative programs and impeccable service for over 10 years.  Rebranded in 2021 to continue to grow as it forges an exciting path into the future.

We deliver on our goods through a global network of design and factory teams who work together to give our customers access to leading innovations, competitive values and strategic partnerships unparalleled by any other firm.

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